Thursday, 19 January 2017

War and Peace: A Good Night Reflection

Every day is a constant battle.

"Keep still while I'm trying to get you dressed!"

"Don't throw your breakfast on the floor!"

"Hurry up and put your coat on. We've got to go! Now!"

"Don't snatch! Say sorry! Give it back!"

"Eat your fruit! No you can't have another biscuit!"

"Don't stand on the chair!"

"Don't play with the radiator!"

"Keep out of the bin!"

"Don't put that in the loo!"

"I mean it!"

"Keep still! Don't touch it! Stop doing that! Put it down! Now!"

"Finish your supper!"

"Don't splash the water out of the bath! Don't touch the taps! Brush your teeth!"

"Time for bed! Say, 'Good Night'! No more stories! Lie down! Go to sleep!"

"I mean it!"

Peace at last.

The white flag is raised.

That innocent little creature sleeping there looks so harmless. It must be friend not foe.

Why must we be enemies all day? Locked in this constant battle of wills?

If I could have this day again I'd be on your side. I'd laugh and play and join in the fun. I wouldn't lose my temper.

I almost want to wake you up right now so we can enjoy this truce together. Almost...

Good Night little one. Sleep well my love. Get your rest.

For tomorrow the war will rage on.

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